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Savor Sonoma

Escape the chill of winter and savor the taste of the Sonoma Valley at Ocean Prime and Mitchell’s Ocean Club. For a limited time, experience our menu featuring the fresh flavors of Sonoma paired with specially selected wines from Jackson Family Fine Wines.

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Our Exclusive Cameron's Cuvée is Back!

I’m excited to announce that we are now pouring our second release of Cameron’s Cuvée, our exclusive private celebration wine. It has been an honor to collaborate once again with Trefethen Family Vineyards in creating this signature red blend.

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Jalapeño au Gratin Recipe

Ocean Prime’s Jalapeño au Gratin is always a customer favorite. This simple, delicious dish will complement most any holiday meal – especially if you’re looking for a spicy twist on the original. 

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Thanks from CEO of the Year Cameron Mitchell

This week, I was deeply honored to be named 2015 CEO of the Year by CEO Magazine. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to accept this award, not just for myself, but on behalf of every member of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ family. 

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How To: The Perfect Turkey

People are always asking me for my secrets to a perfect Thanksgiving turkey. You’ll be surprised how simple it really can be.

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Oysters Cooked Four Ways

Oysters are an amazing ingredient. There’s nothing quite like a fresh, raw oyster with just a touch of mignonette, cocktail sauce or fresh lemon juice. Oysters have a luscious briny flavor and they boast numerous health benefits. They’re low in fat and calories, a lean source of protein and heart- and brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids and they have more zinc per serving than any other food. However, the appearance and texture of a raw oyster can be a bit intimidating to a first timer, so it might be easier to start with one of these cooked oyster dishes. These recipes are delicious, easy to make at home and sure to please oyster beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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They’re Back! Dutch Harbor Red King Crab Legs

Two of our regional chefs, Mike Denton and Jamie Kline, just returned from Alaska with the first Dutch Harbor Red King Crab catch of the year. Ocean Prime is on the short list of restaurants to have access to the first catch of the season – most restaurants won’t be receiving their orders until next week or later – ours is available at all Ocean Prime locations beginning today! The Alaska King Crab season won’t officially be open until tomorrow, which means the rest of the catch won’t reach Dutch Harbor for another few weeks.

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Italian Donuts

Growing up, I learned a lot about Italian comfort food by watching my grandmother cook. I still enjoy preparing the classic Italian dishes I learned from her. These donuts are a delicious, whimsical, authentic Italian dessert – and they’re easy to prepare at home.

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Associate Spotlight: Katherine Domnici

Katherine Domnici is the sales and events manager at Mitchell’s Ocean Club and a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for Columbus, Ohio. She has been a member of the Cameron Mitchell family since 2008 when she joined the guest services team at Ocean Club.

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Sweet Potato Coleslaw

Lately, the food scene is all about healthy, fresh and seasonal. With a mix of fresh veggies, raisins and walnuts, this sweet, savory and spicy slaw makes a great side for a late-summer picnic or barbecue.

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Chef Sonny's Chili Recipe

One of my favorite cooking vessels is a nice, heavy-duty stock pot. It’s convenient to make your whole meal in one pot – it saves time, and of course, dishes. This chili is a great one-pot recipe, and it’s delicious. The ancho, guajillo and pasilla chiles, along with the cubed beef chuck, short rib and brisket impart several layers of flavors and textures.

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Surf & Turf: Filet and Shrimp Scampi Recipe

I recently had a chance to stop by WXYZ Detroit's Broadcast House and prepare a shrimp scampi and filet surf & turf. This is a simple, elegant dish that is perfect for a special occasion.

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Inside Ocean Prime Beverly Hills

Take a peek inside Ocean Prime Beverly Hills, where we pride ourselves on genuine, unpretentious hospitality, amazing seasonal food, sustainability and so much more.

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Classic Beef Bourguignon

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe every summer as a child, so I have a deep, nostalgic attachment and respect for classically prepared French dishes. I recently made this Beef Bourguignon recipe for my family as well as for the team here at Ocean Prime Orlando, so I wanted to share it.

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Summer Grilling: Tips, tricks and common mistakes

Grilling is a wonderful American pastime. Who doesn’t love to prepare and enjoy a casual summer meal with friends and family in your own backyard? Grilling is simple, but there are a few secrets to doing it right. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks, as well as some common pitfalls to avoid that should help take your grill skills to the next level.

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Mezcal Cocktail

Mezcal is a tequila-like, smoky flavored Mexican spirit made from agave plant. This cocktail combines mezcal and silver tequila in an elevated margarita-style libation. The fresh basil and jalapeño impart a complex and exotic flavor, making uniquely provocative and refreshing.

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How to Peel & Cook Asparagus

Fresh asparagus is absolutely delicious in the springtime. Check out this video for my tips on how to properly peel and cook asparagus:

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A Cocktail for Spring

This is the perfect cocktail for patio sipping in the springtime. The fresh cucumber, lime and cilantro combine to make the Cucumber Smash unique and refreshing while the jalapeno-infused agave nectar balances out the flavors with a sweet and spicy kick.

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How to Cook Perfect Seafood: Tips & Tricks

If you’re uncertain of how to cook delicious fish at home, you’ll be surprised by how simple it can be.

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Ginger Chicken Wonton Soup

This recipe is a wonderful example of how soup can be elegant and exciting, but still perfect for when you're craving something comforting to warm you up.

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Aviation Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail was invented in New York just before Prohibition. The name comes from the sky blue hue imparted by the crème de violette.

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Eating Well: Healthy, Wholesome & Delicious

When the new year rolls around, we all start thinking about eating a little bit lighter and healthier. It’s important to not just cut out the fat and calories, but to make sure you’re also putting wholesome and good-for-you foods in your body. Here are just a few tips to keep your diet healthy and delicious.

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Winter Wines

 Winter is the time of year for warm and flavorful meals, and it’s important to choose the appropriate wine to compliment the richness of comfort food. There is no definitive rule about which wines you should drink in the wintertime, but I enjoy a hearty, full-bodied red during the colder months.

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Shrimp Linguine Recipe

Sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, goat cheese and chili flake give this shrimp linguine recipe an amazing punch of flavor. This recipe serves two - perfect for date night!

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Thanksgiving and Pinot Noir: The Perfect Pair

As you probably know, the popularity of Pinot Noir has really exploded in the last several years. But what a lot of people don’t know is how much fun it can be to explore how differently this grape behaves depending on where it’s grown. A French Burgundy may taste quite different than a Pinot Noir produced in California, which may also taste unlike one from Oregon. 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase the versatility of Pinot Noir. It goes well with all the flavors of the day—turkey, stuffing, cranberries—you name it. I recommend purchasing a bottle or two from each region (depending on how many guests you’re serving) and taking advantage of the holiday to sample each one. You could try a Louis Jadot Burgundy from France and a Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley or Santa Lucia Highlands in California or one from Oregon.

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Ocean Prime: A Brand to Watch

We are honored to be named one of 10 Restaurant Brands to Watch by CNBC. Learn more »

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