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Restaurant Team

VIP Treatment is standard at OCEAN PRIME.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. Our team members are “great people delivering genuine hospitality,” and it’s no accident that we put “people” first in our company motto. Heartfelt hospitality is our key to the consistently exceptional service you can expect at OCEAN PRIME. Our team will do everything possible to ensure our guests have a truly amazing experience.

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Executive Chef Roman Rodriguez

Roman Rodriguez strives to go above and beyond in the kitchen and continually educate himself on the latest culinary trends and techniques.

Rodriguez decided he wanted to pursue cooking at a professional level after starting his first job in the restaurant industry in 2003. He attended the Arizona Culinary Institute before joining the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants team in 2009.

Rodriguez began as a sous chef at Ocean Prime Scottsdale. He then served as the lead trainer on the opening team of the Beverly Hills location. In 2014, Rodriguez moved to Denver to become the sous chef before his current position as executive chef.

The most valuable lesson Rodriguez has learned in his professional career is to always take responsibility for one’s work. He advises those who want to go into the restaurant industry to continue learning and to always keep an open mind.

His favorite dish at Ocean Prime is the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli. Outside of the kitchen, Rodriguez enjoys fishing, hiking and snow sports. He resides in Denver.

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General Manager Christina Giannasi

Coming from a family rooted in the hospitality industry, Christina began her career when she was 17 years old. Christina spent her time in guest services and serving at several restaurants before transitioning towards Sales & Events.

In 2016, Christina began her career at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) when she became the Sales & Events Manager at Ocean Prime Orlando. Through that role, Christina discovered a passion for the Front of House even more and soon became a Dining Room Manager in Orlando. Most recently, Christina moved to Denver, Colorado where she was a Dining Room Manager before her promotion to General Manager.

One of Christina’s favorite things about CMR is the constant effort to be better tomorrow than we are today. There are always areas of opportunity and growth available for associates.

Christina is a proud graduation of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. When not in the restaurant, you can find Christina kickboxing, reading books, baking, hiking, or snowboarding.

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Sales & Event Manager Shannon MacLaren

Shannon MacLaren joined Ocean Prime Orlando as a guest services associate in 2011, jumpstarting her career in the hospitality industry. An Oregon native, Shannon naturally excelled in providing an unparalleled experience for guests and was quickly promoted to private dining coordinator in 2012.

Shannon stepped into her new role as sales and event manager in 2018 and moved to Denver in 2021 as Sales & Event Manager for the Larimer Square location. Shannon is dedicated to creating memorable events and experiences for guests, offering personalized hospitality for every occasion. When she is not working, Shannon enjoys taking dance classes and exploring with her dog Rambo.


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