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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has built a reputation centered on quality service, ambiance and uncompromising food.

Our 30-year commitment to responsible sourcing of the highest-quality ingredients has naturally aligned us with farmers, fishermen, processors, suppliers and bakers who share our commitment. Their products reflect the level of quality we demand.

High quality on the plate starts with the highest-quality ingredients. We have done business in this fashion since day one and will continue to do so. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

Every day, we work in partnership with our purveyors to source even more local ingredients, when those products meet our high standards. That means taking advantage of foods available from local farmers, featuring items that are locally sourced when possible, and securing products for our menus that reflect both our quality expectations and our commitment to responsible sourcing.

The Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Commitment

We are committed to responsible sourcing in the following ways:

number 1

Source the highest-quality ingredients in a responsible manner.

number 2

Align with suppliers and vendors who share our values.

number 3

Increase our sourcing of local ingredients when appropriate.

number 4

Encourage our associates to be engaged in responsible sourcing selections

number 5

Develop menus and offering special menu features that reflect our commitment

number 6

Respond to the desires of our guests for a variety of choices in our restaurants

All Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

At all of our Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, we commit our restaurants to responsible souricng in the following ways:

Using Recycled Content Napkins.

Implement energy saving opportunities such as LED lighting and energy efficient kitchen equipment.

Implement water saving technologies such as low flow plumbing fixtures.

Partner with DarPro Solutions to convert our used cooking oils to Biodiesel.