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Ocean Prime has it all: steak and seafood in a gorgeously decorated interior, incomparable service, and views of the Chicago River. A date night at Ocean Prime is sure to be memorable. -

Ocean Prime offers ‘an approachable selection of nicely rendered steaks and a hearty list of seafood that pairs perfectly with a sweeping view of Michigan and Wacker. - Chicago Eater

Cameron Mitchell’s renowned Ocean Prime combines upscale settings with a vibrant energy, an impressive menu of seafood and steaks, and exceptional hospitality. - Food Newsfeed

Seafood and steak are served with a side of swankiness at this modern American haunt. - Thrillist LA

If you’re looking for a chic spot to host a special dinner, be sure to check out their luxe private dining rooms. - Make It Better

Ocean Prime’s pretty patio is busy and the interior bar is a party, where the literally smoking Bubbles and Berries cocktail is the only thing that stops the boisterous chatter. - Telegram

Classic steak and seafood with sophisticated, upscale vibe and a robust wine list make Ocean Prime a… well, a ‘prime’ spot to clink your glass. - Concierge Preferred

Ocean Prime’s menu is awash in an enticing bill of fare. - Travel Girl Magazine

The USDA Prime New York Strip is ‘flawless’. - Eater Chicago

Under the direction of [Executive Chef Jason] Shelley, Ocean Prime’s from-scratch kitchen provides a premium dining experience that includes the highest quality ingredients, as well as simple, pure, local and regional flavors. – Inside

The upscale seafood and steak dishes here include an unexpected riff on the classic lobster roll. The kitchen folds lobster meat with kiwi, pickled serrano peppers, masago and a spicy mango purée. – Eater

It's rare to find a restaurant that can provide fuel for power business meetings, romance for an anniversary dinner, energize a spirited girl’s night out and set the stage for the pretheater crowd, but Ocean Prime Naples does it all. - Suite Life Magazine

If you are looking to impress your date, Ocean Prime offers a sophisticated dining experience from start to finish. The knowledgeable and attentive staff will guide you through the menu of showstopping favorites. - Naples Illustrated

Beyond Ocean Prime’s delightfully juicy filet mignon, beyond the towering 10-layer carrot cake stacked atop a smear of pineapple syrup, I’ve always found the service here exceptional.
– Naples News

Though Ocean Prime has just made its debut in April, this seafood and steakhouse has already to proven itself to be supreme in cuisine, ambiance, and cocktails.
– Urban Matter

Stop by this restaurant and lounge if you're looking for a fancy night out under vibrant lighting and a slew of vase-borne flora.
– Hoodline

Ocean Prime has cemented their spot as one of the best steak and seafood eateries in the city, and now they are vying for the title of the best spot for popcorn in the city as well.
– Metro

It has a multi-million dollar wine cellar and all the fish and crustacean delicacies you could ever dream of.
– 303 Magazine

Ocean Prime has earned their spot as one of the top steakhouses in the city, and there is a good reason why.
– Metro USA

The best part of the meal may be the last course, which is definitely the sweetest. Guests who dine at Ocean Prime have the option of warm butter cake or classic Crème Brûlée for dessert.
– Metro USA

The award-winning Ocean Prime is a particular highlight, specializing in steaks and stunning seafood that will leave you happily ditching the diet.
–The Daily Mirror, Tampa

There is a “wow factor” for every dish served here – portions are large, and both presentation and quality are top notch
–New York Lifestyle Magazine, Beverly Hills

Ocean Prime has received the reputation of being one of the best restaurants in all of Philly, and rightfully so. The delectable seafood and steakhouse not only offers exquisite food and drinks; but also offers an atmosphere so comfortable yet refined. Every meal is crafted like a worth of art, and every last bite leaves you wanting more.

One of Center City’s most stunning seafood and steakhouses has a fantastic pasta dish to enjoy along with the rest of their savory menu items. Vegetarians will love their Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli served with golden oak mushrooms and topped with a delicious home-made white wine garlic sauce.

Ocean Prime delivers on all fronts, interesting and delicious combinations, unique flavors, artfully presented.
–The Hedonist, Beverly Hills

“There are only a handful of restaurants in Denver where service is impeccable, a perfect blend of formality, ceremony but also warmth. Ocean Prime is one of those places. Every time I’ve gone, whether for a full meal or just a pre-theater cocktail, one thing is for certain – I’ll feel pampered while still feeling a connection with my server." 
-In Good Taste Denver

“If you ever have that discussion with friends about what your last meal would be on this earth, one at Ocean Prime would spring to mind.”
-London Evening Newspaper

"There are always reasons to look forward dining at Ocean Prime, with its strong wine list and a great representation of seafood." 
The Daily Meal

"Ocean Prime oozes elegance, from its sea-inspired sculptures and dimly lit dining area to its views of Larimer Square and intimate private dining spaces." 
The Denver Post

"The impressive ten-layer carrot cake capped a perfect meal." 
Johnny Jet Travel

"Dining is an experience at Ocean Prime."
Naples Spotlight

"Ocean Prime’s presentation of Ultimate Surf & Turf was composed of meat and seafood classics – exquisite dishes that reflect the corporate culture’s culinary excellence."
Naples Spotlight

"Cocktails elicit gasps as well, like the champagne-based Berries & Bubbles that mists and spills a thick wave of fog over the glass."
Gulf Shore Life

"Stunning, upscale settings, an impressive menu, and genuine hospitality greet you as you walk through the door."

"The lobster was incredible. The plate was well balanced with the burst of tropical flavors merging together."
The Naples Herald

"From the service and atmosphere to the diverse food and beverage selections, happy hour at Ocean Prime feels like a luxurious experience without the high-end cost." 
Phoenix Bites

"Attention to seafood quality and sauce are the key at Ocean Prime."

"The arrangement of the oysters was presented in such a nice way that it seemed to pick up the rays of light from the sun coming down."
Follow My Gut

"The front-of-house team continues to flourish and set their service apart."
Chicago Tribune

"Ocean Prime is the culinary hub to dine at time and again for every meal and every reason. It is exhilarating for the foodie in all of us and holds all the excitement and glory you’d expect in a dining experience."
The Naples Herald

“It’s an upscale national chain, but unlike even its best competitors out there, each location makes everything from scratch.”
Gulfshore Life

“Seafood is the name of the game at Ocean Prime—and with 11 Award of Excellence–winning locations, the restaurant has proved itself a go-to choice for diners looking to pair seafood and wine in cities around the country.”
Wine Spectator

“Overlooking the lights of the historic Larimer Square, Ocean Prime’s sophisticated décor and upscale seafood selections are sure to please.”
Dining Out

“Ocean Prime meets the expectation of Naples Fifth Avenue sophistication, yet it doesn’t feel stuffy. The atmosphere is upscale yet relaxed. Classy yet social.”
Estero Magazine

“Whether you are looking for a date night or happy hour spot, Ocean Prime serves everything.”
On Mogul

“With white tablecloths, leather booths, and an award-winning wine list, it works neatly for a fancy date or business meeting.”
Eater Philadelphia

“Ocean Prime, located in the heart of Center City, offers an exquisite dining experience you must have at least once while in Philadelphia. You are immediately greeted with friendly faces from the hostess, to the waiter, to the general manager. Often times, steakhouses can feel quite intimidating but Ocean Prime makes sure that you feel very welcome and comfortable, yet still indulgently spoilt.”
Penn appétit 

“This restaurant is also a great place to treat yourself on a night out with friends, a family dinner, a birthday party, or any celebration you want to feel like royalty”
Penn appétit 

“All of Ocean Prime’s cocktails are freshly prepared with infused spirits, purees, and mixes, made to order by their skillful team of bartenders”

“As they say, a little midwestern hospitality goes a long way. And Ocean Prime seems primed for success.”
Washingtonian Magazine

“When even the humble deviled eggs get a truffles-and-caviar treatment, it's fair to assume that luxe ingredients will turn up all over the menu.”
Zagat DC

“Theater-goers in Philadelphia looking to make an evening out of their theater experience will find that Ocean Prime is an ideal dining destination, either before or after the curtain goes up.”
City Suburban News Philadelphia

“…the "smoking" shellfish tower with dry ice is a looker.”
The Washington Post

“This long-time local favorite has awards aplenty to back up its reputation. As the name suggests, it's a place where the surf and the turf meet to almost universal acclaim, even transcending its chain-restaurant status.”
Travel + Leisure

“Part of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants group, Ocean Prime offers the steakhouse feel while specializing in seafood.”
The Washington Post

“Ocean Prime, in Manhattan's midtown, from restaurateur Cameron Mitchell, is intimate and the perfect venue to slurp down oysters paired with Champagne. And it supports the Billion Oyster Project in the city.”
South China Morning Post

“Diners will find everything from Malbec to Manhattans on the beverage menu. But those in the know will order a chocolate milkshake… the cool treat embodies everything Cameron Mitchell set out to achieve 24 years ago.”

“All of the locations have earned Wine Spectator awards, and all claim solicitous staffs, which may be why the chain was rated highly for service.”
Consumer Reports

“It is very hard to etch yourself out as a standout place in Midtown, especially being by the epic location known as Times Square. One place that has done that and then some is Ocean Prime, a upscale steakhouse of sorts. Fancy without being annoying in its presence, Ocean Prime boasts a spacious atmosphere while having you dine on an array of steak, sushi and more to enjoy at your delightment.”
Manhattan Digest

“Whether you are looking for a date night or happy hour spot, Ocean Prime serves everything. With an extensive menu, everyone in your party will find something that they will like.”
Johnna Knows Good Food

“Ocean Prime offers succulent seafood and steaks. The cocktails are clever and the wine selection is divine.”
WHERE Dallas

“Finish your work week in true style at Ocean Prime's sleek, spacious bar and lounge as you kick back, relax, and enjoy summer in the city.”
Broadway World

“The food at Ocean Prime reads as the best of the best in surf n turf, with some surprising choices to indulge in for your next meal.”
Manhattan Digest

“With white truffle caviar deviled eggs and 10-layer carrot cake, indulgence is on the menu at this new Cameron Mitchell eatery.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“Known for its sleek, glamorous, and lively atmosphere, along with top-notch, upscale food and service, this Midtown restaurant offers fresh seafood, steaks, sushi, and cocktails.”
The Daily Meal

“From the very moment we first walked into the restaurant, we knew we were going to have a truly exquisite experience.”
Philly Grub

“This expansive, futuristic-looking restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills presents flavorful, well-broiled steaks in style.”
Eater LA

“Swanky and lively, but neither snooty nor loud. Next-level hospitality and a wine list brimming with exclusive selects makes it a business lunch no brainer.”

“This sleek, large, new fish restaurant offers a wide variety of delights from the sea, cooked and uncooked.”

“With white truffle caviar deviled eggs and 10-layer carrot cake, indulgence is on the menu at this new Cameron Mitchell eatery.”
Hollywood Reporter

“Because creamy, butter mashed potatoes are just not indulgent enough, apparently Ocean Prime serves its version with lobster. And trust us, you’ll want some.”
The Feast, Bravo

“Once you’re settled in, order a Blood Orange Old Fashioned, which features Woodford Reserve bourbon, fresh blood orange puree, honey water and whiskey barrel-aged bitters. Sweet citrus and honey add complementary balance to this cocktail, and if you’re smart, you’ll enjoy this drink with one of the restaurant’s prime steaks.”
CBS Online

“For those with meatier predilections, Ocean Prime fits the bill quite well, with just about everything you want to eat on a special night out. There’s smoking seafood towers, massive steaks, and even sushi to assure an indulgent meal for all. Don’t skip the ten-layer cake.”
Los Angeles Eater

“Ocean Prime’s special theater menu ensures that everyone in the theater community gets to their seat with satisfied stomachs (and snacks for intermission). Guests have the option of two courses and a side, and are sent off to Broadway with Ocean Prime’s signature truffle popcorn.”
The Daily Meal

“Appetizers range from jumbo crab cakes and 'surf n’ turf,' which was a mouthwatering combo of sea scallops and flavorful slow-braised short ribs, to goat cheese ravioli and white truffle caviar deviled eggs.”
Broadway World

“Look no further for a great meal in a fabulous setting. Ocean Prime on West 52nd Street now offers the ideal prix fixe pre-theatre menu that will make your evening shine as bright as your favorite show.”
Broadway World

“The chic ambiance makes your night out a special event and the restaurant’s gracious staff makes you feel like a VIP.”
Broadway World

“While they are known for top cuts of steak and seafood, the menu offers selections that will suit all tastes and styles.”
Broadway World

“While they are known for top cuts of steak and seafood, the menu offers selections that will suit all tastes and styles.”
Broadway World

“It’s a known tenet that today’s better-for-you fare can’t be boring. As an example, consider Ocean Prime’s entrée of broiled arctic char. It’s given a star-power side of Brussels sprout leaves, red and yellow quinoa, carrots, red peppers, almonds, parsley and celery leaves, all tossed in sherry-mustard vinaigrette.”
Flavor & The Menu

“Look no further for a great meal in a fabulous setting. Ocean Prime on West 52nd Street now offers the ideal prix fixe pre-theatre menu that will make your evening shine as bright as a your favorite show.”
Broadway World

“I don’t like to throw around the word impeccable very often, but we couldn’t have asked for a better dining affair at Ocean Prime. Everything from service to libations to food far exceeded any expectations we might have had.”
Philly Grub

“Illuminated wine walls, wreaths, and a Christmas tree give a festive ambience, and dishes like white truffle caviar deviled eggs or the smoking shellfish tower add to the celebratory spirit”

“It’s a memory we won’t soon forget. In fact, we wholeheartedly admit it was one of the best restaurant experiences we have had in recent memory. We will definitely return and take friends next time. We highly recommend that you try Ocean Prime when you want to celebrate and indulge at a world class Surf and Turf dining establishment.”
Philly Grub

“Restaurants like Ocean Prime still use music to give their venues a lively feel, but the design allows customers to dine without the din.”

“The fine folks at high-end steak and seafood chain Ocean prime, which opened its first Boston location in the Seaport last month, offer a weekly deal for those who balk at the meatier price tags.”

“You must order Ocean Prime’s ten layer carrot cake with cream cheese icing and pineapple syrup, then your night, and life, will be complete.”
NYC Foodie Blog

“Be sure to sample their jumbo lump grilled crab cake, brushed with a lemon butter with a color play with sweet corn tartar – a delicious amalgam of flavors and textures.”
Bite of the Best

“The blue-cheese crusted filet mignon, served with a rich demi-glace, was decadent, so tender we cut it with a fork.”
Haute Living

“Mitchell’s move to Massachusetts was well worth the wait.”
Matts Meals

“We loved the signature Prime sushi roll: lightly fried tempura shrimp with cream cheese and scallion, wrapped not in nori but in thinly shaved beef carpaccio – a delicate kind of surf and turf.”
Haute Living

“Ocean Prime Steakhouse is one of the hottest spots in town right now – and for good reason”
Boston Common Magazine

“Upscale surf and turf is bound to be a hit in Boston

“Both the decadent chocolate peanut butter pie and their signature ten layer carrot cake are made in house and are irresistible. Be sure to leave some room for dessert, both are worth the calories.”
Bite of the Best

"The national steakhouse-and-seafood chain has finally hit NYC, and you know what that means…we’re going to need a lobster bib immediately."

"This dining room just screams power lunch, and perhaps even dinner, where the movers and shakers in Hollywood are sure to negotiate the fate of starlets across the silver screen."
Eater LA

"Here’s hoping you spend a lot of time at WME these days. One, because it bodes well for your career. And two, because it puts you about 50 paces away from this power-lunch/after-work spot for wine, whole fish and aged prime steaks."

"Steak or Seafood? At Ocean Prime, you can have either…or both! Whatever dish you choose, pair it with world-class wines and award-winning, handcrafted cocktails in in a timeless setting with take-your-breath-away service. It’s an extraordinary supper club experience."
D Magazine

“From the moment you pass through the door, it’s obvious you are somewhere special. The interior design is stunning…and through a sparkling glass wall sits the kitchen, where chefs perform a ballet of preparation.”
– Hope Philbrick,Newcomer Magazine

“Ocean Prime has one of the friendliest wait staffs in the city. They were very attentive and courteous, and all of the servers work as a team. Most impressive is how they all know the menu, everyone from the bartenders to the kitchen staff to the servers have tasted everything on the menu.”

“Ocean Prime gives every evidence of being an exceptional, well-managed restaurant in every respect. Inevitably, some will ask if our town really needs another steak house restaurant -my answer: absolutely, when the restaurant is as well conceived and executed as Ocean Prime.”
– J. Turi, Weekly Press, Indianapolis

"Whether inside with the piano bar or outside on the patio, there is no better way to enjoy an elegant night out on the town than to start with the hand-crafted Cucumber Gimlet and Ahi Tuna Tartar appetizer. Choose a prime steak or seafood, but be sure to save room for the delicious peanut butter pie."
Best of Metro 2012, Tampa Bay Metro

"Instantly I felt that I had stepped in to an era of lass, romance and sophistication. Ocean Prime provides elite service, making each guest feel as if they are the guest of honor for the evening."
Sugar Loco, Phoenix 

"Maybe saying Ocean Prime shines like a diamond on 'Restaurant Row,' is selling it short. I think it would fit it better to say it is like finding a beautiful pearl in an ocean of choices."
Orlando Style

"Surf meets turf at Ocean Prime where you can get a perfectly aged steak and delicate, fresh seafood served in a chic and festive dining atmosphere."
Nashville Lifestyles

"Bubbling specialty drinks, top-of-the-catch fresh seafood and superb steaks sum up the menu. The luminous underwater vibe and white-tablecloth service dial up the romance factor."

"When you want to dine out, you have decisions to make. Seafood or steak? Casual or upscale? Quiet dining room or bustling bar? At Ocean Prime, the northside's newest dining destination, you'll find options for all of these."
North Magazine

"Ocean Prime gives us the best of both land and sea. But in addition to stellar seafood the space itself is STUNNING. Soaring ceilings, soft curves, tactile textures and artistic lighting make this a feast for the eyes as much as the stomach; but don't be jealous, stomach – crab-crusted blue tilapia and Chilean sea bass in a champagne truffle sauce are just a taste of what's in store for you."
Real Detroit Weekly

"The best of the best including a prime location, prime service and prime food!"
Metromix Denver

"Best Seafood: Of the area's many seafood restaurants, the best around is Ocean Prime which combines a lively Sinatra-inspired supper club atmosphere with a menu filled with fresh ocean fare and service that is simply unsurpassed."

"When you taste even the simplest cocktail at Ocean Prime, the flavors shine through like the difference between microwave fries from a vending machine and salty spuds fresh from the fryer. These cocktails aren't just a vehicle for alcohol to be swilled into for effect, they're mini-masterpieces as respectable as the fresh fish flowing from the kitchen."
–Brian Ries,


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